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Hotel offers $199,000 2 Night stay in Toronto

The first Black Kite by Richard Mille 1 of 30
The first Black Kite by Richard Mille 1 of 30

If your Christmas shopping includes a new custom watch, fine art, gowns, and jewelry,  why not consider the The Hazelton Hotel’ s Bespoke Shopping Holiday? It is one of the dearest gifts you could offer a loved one. One of Toronto’s only 5 star hotels, based in the upscale district of Yorkville, home to some of the world’s best shopping, art, and dining. The hotel it’s self boasts a 25 person Screening room, and the restaurant of world famous Mark McEwan. There is a lot to see and do in the Bloor – Yorkville area, while I missed the opportunity to visit for the Yorkville Exotic Car show! The package includes private jet from your home city, and the potential purchases that you can make on guided tours of the art galleries, and shopping destinations, with a stylist and concierge in tow.




6 month Los Angeles Keyword report.

I guess my acting career isn’t going anywhere!

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City Symposium I: Be Curious. Do Good.

City Symposium

I had the pleasure of attending the first City Symposium at the London Public Library Central branch last night. While I was late showing up, and missed the first talk about Grit Uplifted, I had a great time last night! Kudos to James Shelley for putting the event on, to the speakers for sharing their passion, and the attendees and volunteers who made the event possible.


Kelly Bradley delivered the opening talk about her Grit Uplifted project. I first heard about Grit Uplifted from Dr. Abe Oudshoorn, noted Londoner and advocate for the homeless, who posted an edition on his facebook a few months ago. The publication features a number of pieces, writing and photos,  from those who have experienced homelessness, are homeless, or at risk.

 Daniel Castillo Glass Artist City Symposium London

The second speaker was glass artist Daniel Castillo. Daniel emmigrated from Columbia and on top of the language barrier, he also had to develop his reputation over again as a full time “150% artist”. At first, I wasn’t clear about how extensive his experience was working with stained glass and fused glass. Then Daniel started his slide show. I would never have known London, Ontario was home to one of the world’s best glass artists and I highly recommend you check out the link below to see his beautiful work. More about Daniel Castillo:

Dr Jason Gilliland City Symposium London UWO

Finally, Dr Jason Gilliland took the stage to share with us his research into how Urban Planning can contribute to healthy development of children. His presentation starts with the dramatic map showing obesity levels in children have risen to greater than 20% since 1984 and that an easy way to combat this costly trend is to plan cities around walkability. His combined experience in geography, urban planning, and architecture give him a unique perspective on the real life challenges faced by the City of London and he and his team forcus their research on real world solutions. More about Jason Gilliland:


James Shelley at City Symposium I

Organizer James Shelley said that because the word Symposium comes from the Greek root of “Drinking together”, the evening wouldn’t be complete without conversation over a beverage. The party at the Fox and Fiddle concluded around 10:30pm. More about James Shelley:


The next event will feature @comadork Adrian Owen speaking about conciousness and the mind.

When: Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where: Wolf Performance Hall

More details:

Flyer Distribution in London, Ontario

Flyers delivered in London Ontario
A stack of unwanted flyers at my doorstep

Update! 06292012

Since originally writing, this post, the carrier must have changed for the flyers, because I am not getting additional print material that is unwanted. They’re getting better about local content, but the offers are still the same old crappy experience. Velocity Drivers has some interesting data about the will of Londoner’s to reduce the amount of printed commercial solicitation, just like  CAN SPAM regulations have impacted email delivery! The FREE PRESS hasn’t been Free for a while!


Original Post – Update

I’ve had a big problem getting flyers at my house and until recently I hadn’t taken the time to figure out how to get them to stop. Here is a step by step instruction for those in London Ontario.

Red Dot Campaign


Flyers are a waste of paper and only serve to promote consumerism. While they may purport to deliver “savings” by offering specials, clearances and discounts, the flyers may only foster greed and materialism.


Here is who you need to talk to:



If you want to suspend or restart flyer delivery…

Going on vacation or have other reasons to suspend delivery? Want to restart delivery?

Call 519-451-1500. Press 3 then 2.

Leave a message and we’ll take care of it.


London Free Press

Penny Saver

Canada Post

This crown corp is venturing even further into the marketing fields. Here is the haul from Tuesday. Not a single piece of addressed mail.

flyers delivered by canada post
One day of Unaddressed Mail in London Ontario




Want access to all of your flyers digitally? Red Flag Deals has a great site for Canadians where you can browse most national retailers flyer when you’re actually in the mood to shop.


Numbers and Cultural Artifacts Recognition Quiz


Try this fun and challenging quiz to help yourself with numbers and association with cultural artifacts.  It is biased towards North American’s or European English, but its fun! Post your score in comments, no cheating!!

Example Question – 4 A 20 B B I A P
Example Answer – 4 and 20 Blackbirds Baked in a Pie

Now all you need do is find the missing words in the next 20 questions

a/ 4 H O T A

b/ 77 S S

c/ 92 T A N O U

d/ 22 Y I A C

e/ 9 P I T S S

f/ 39 B I T O T

g/ 27 B I T N T

h/ 3 M I A B

i/ 7 A O M

j/ 14 D I A F

k/ 4 F O A H H

l/ 7 B F 7 B

m/ 8 L O A S

n/ 206 B I N H B

o/ 12 O T A T P

p/ 366 D I A L Y

q/ 5 P O I

r/ 8 W O T W

s/ 26 M I A M

t/ 13 I A B D

Watson soundly beats the humans in first round of Jeopardy

This is awesome! Go computers! It was only a matter of time before the computers beat humans at this simply structured question game.  The contextual interpretations are great.

Watson soundly beats the humans in first round of Jeopardy: ”

Well, there’s one more round of Jeopardy to go, but the round that began yesterday and ended today was a major win for the silicon contingent. After starting the day tied with Brad, Watson barely let his opponents get in a word edgewise during Double Jeopardy, and broke the $36k mark before Final Jeopardy. Both Brad and Ken were able to double up on the Final Jeopardy question, at which Watson failed miserably, but he appended his answer (Toronto) with plenty of question marks, and bet less than a grand. The final result was Watson at $35,754, Brad at $10,000, and Ken Jennings with $4,800. This round’s scores will be added to the scores of tomorrow’s round to determine the overall winner, who will walk (or teraflop) away with $1 million in cash.

Watson soundly beats the humans in first round of Jeopardy originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 15 Feb 2011 21:57:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Item-level RFIDs get support from big retailers, track your every purchase

This is huge. Wish I hadn’t sold my stock.

Item-level RFIDs get support from big retailers, track your every purchase: “Toilets, cows, and Germans have all been tagged by RFIDs, but according to a new study, it’s footwear and fashion that top the demand for radio-enabled tracking. In a report released yesterday, ABI Research said more than three-quarters of a billion RFID tags will be used in global apparel markets in 2011, with retailers like Walmart, Macy’s, and JC Penney leading the way. Item-level tracking isn’t new — in fact we saw something similar in 2006 — but with the likes of Walmart on board, the system is expected to grow as much as 60 percent in the next three years. The study suggests inventory and security as driving factors in the adoption of RFIDs, but we’ve got our suspicions. And anyway, we don’t want anyone to know how much we spent on that Material Girl leopard print shrug — not even a machine.

Item-level RFIDs get support from big retailers, track your every purchase originally appeared on Engadget on Wed, 09 Feb 2011 09:13:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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