Industrial Age Paparazzo

CNIB UnGala At Civic Gardens Complex in London, Ontario

Industrial Age Paparazzo

The handle bar mustache features prominently in the late 1800s and early 1900s, a period marked by the 2nd industrial revolution.  I’ll leave @3oh6 Photography to wow you with his shots of the event but I got there early so I had time to capture Jody in his elegant 3 piece white linen suit with knee length shorts, and snap a few shots of the grounds at the Civic Garden Complex in London. #ldnont has some beautiful sights but the Civic Gardens at Springbank Park were lovely even soaked in a cold September rain. I look forward to seeing the area in bloom next spring now that the secret is out.




Conservative Party Member of Parliament, Ed Holder

Local Celebrity, Member of Parliament, Ed Holder


Tim Felsky tasting Dessert in the Dark